Our Association

The Association of Practical Theology in Oceania (APTO)

APTO is an ecumenical professional association for researchers, scholars and/or practitioners in the geographic area of Oceania in the field of practical theology. Members have a scholarly interest in the discipline demonstrated by publications and/or other scholarly and practical accomplishments, including a research degree allied to practical theology.

APTO Conference 2010: Brisbane

APTO Conference 2010: Brisbane

Mission Statement

APTO seeks to be a community of faith and research, a community of practical theologians whose members work together through scholarship and service to bring the Gospel into dialogue with the diverse cultures of Oceania. APTO is committed to the pursuit of intellectual integrity and academic freedom. It all of its endeavours APTO is dedicated to Gospel values, collegiality, social justice and equity. To this end the association seeks to support people to attend its annual conference with a desire to have as many Oceania regions and cultures as possible represented at its conferences.


The purpose of the APTO is the study of and critical reflection upon practical theological thought and action in the Oceania region. APTO strives to be alert to the variety of historical and cultural contexts in Oceania, working collaboratively APTO seeks to promote inter-regional, intercultural and ecumenical dialogue and understanding.

APTO Conference 2009: Suva, Fiji

APTO Conference 2009: Suva, Fiji


Click the link below to download the current Association of Practical Theology in Oceania Incorporated (APTO Inc.) Constitution (updated 19 November 2018):