APTO 2018 Conference in Suva Fiji

Weaving Theology in Oceania: Culture, Context and Practice

Evening Sat17th November to Afternoon  Wed 21st November 2018

Paper proposals deadline extended to May 25


Conference to be held at: Accommodation and some events at:
Pacific Regional Seminary (PRS) 
461 Queen Elizabeth Drive  Nasese, Suva, Fiji
 Pacific Theological College (PTC) 
78 Vuya Road Veiuto Suva, Fiji

The 2018 APTO Conference is a combination of APTO only events and events in which we partner with the Episcopal Conference of the Pacific (CEPAC) that is conducting a formation event for 80 Catholic clergy from Tonga, Samoa, Fiji Islands, Kiribati, Cook Islands.

The 2018 conference retains APTO’s ecumenical character. A special focus of the Conference is APTO members teaching and learning with academics, researchers and pastoral practitioners from a variety of Christian denominations who are engaged in a wide range of academic endeavours and pastoral ministries from a broad cross-section of the peoples of Oceania: Australia: New Zealand, Papua New Guinea, Tonga, Samoa, Fiji Islands,
Kiribati, Cook Islands. In deciding to partner with CEPAC the APTO executive sought the advice from a number of APTO members and the majority of those consulted affirmed the idea. 


Keynote Speakers:

  • Rev Dr Upolu Luma Vaai -  Associate Professor and Head of Theology & Ethics at PTC
  • Rev Dr Seferosa Carroll - Uniting Church Minister and Theologian, originally from Fiji
  • Sr (Dr) Malia Keiti Ann Kanongata'a, (Tonga)
  • Dr Debra Snoddy - Scripture Scholar, Catholic Institute of Sydney, originally from Ireland
  • Dr. Claire Wolfteich - Professor, Boston University School of Theology Co-Director, Center for Practical Theology via  Video and Audio Link

The 2018 APTO conference is for practical-pastoral theologians, reflective pastoral practitioners, teachers, researchers and policy makers and research students from all Christian denominations across the whole of Oceania in range of fields listed below and beyond:
Mission ● Welfare ● Health Care ● Theological education ● Formation for Ministry ● Environment ● Social Justice ● Politics ● Housing ● Employment ● Story -Preaching ● Adult Faith Education ● Pastoral Care ● Clinical Pastoral Education ● Social Media ● Economic policy ● Neo-Colonialism ● Marriage and Family ● Disability ● Social Research ● Church Life Research ● Domestic Violence ●  Women in the Church ● Migration &Refugee policy ● Primary, Secondary and Tertiary Education ● Religious Education - Catechetical Instruction.
Approx Cost: Conference only, $350 (Australian)